Wardrobe Goals

I intended to work on this post much earlier in the year and shortly after finishing my wardrobe post, but I’ve been incredibly busy. Better late than never!

This year and last I posted my wardrobe to EGL for the January theme. Those posts can be found here:

This year’s wardrobe post

Last year’s wardrobe post

In 2015 my wardrobe grew a bit in both size and variety. I didn’t get rid of many pieces, (I never do) but I did add some new colors as well as my most elaborate printed dress yet. I also found a new favorite Taobao brand, Doll Paradise. In the upcoming year I’d like to plan my purchases a bit more carefully so I can feel a real sense of improvement in my wardrobe aside from just growth. To accomplish this, I want to set myself some specific goals for the coming months…

Sew Lolita clothing for myself. I’ve had a huge pile of fabric and clothing I intend to alter for years. I rarely work on it at all! It’s time for me to finish my unfinished projects and sew some of my own clothing.

Flesh out what colors I have instead of adding new ones. I’d really like some green or deep purple in my wardrobe, but first I need to add some shoes and accessories in colors like sax blue, lavender, navy and red so I can make better coordinates with what main pieces I already have.

Get shoes that are comfortable enough that I can wear them at a convention without hating myself for the next week! I have some really gorgeous pale pink and black shoes from Bodyline, but they hurt so much. After wearing them for most of Nekocon my two big toes were numb for approximately two months. I think I caused nerve damage. Yikes.

On that note, I’d also like to stop buying from Bodyline at all. I haven’t had any main pieces from them in a while because I never seem to like them as much as my other pieces, but I’ve really enjoyed buying their shoes as they’re really the most convenient place to get shoes from and have done me well in the past. However, after seeing other Lolitas’ negative experiences with their shoes and because I don’t want to support Mr. Yan, I think it’s time for me to stop purchasing from them altogether.

Have at least one brand new outfit for Nekocon! I don’t mind wearing the same thing twice at all, but Nekocon is a really big event for me. While I want to focus on things other than main pieces, I still want to have a really good new one for Nekocon.

Reading through my list, it seems that the first thing I should really focus on is shoes. Wish me luck finding ones I love!

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