I’ve started a blog!

Hello and welcome to my blog! My name is Jessie-Kate and I’ve been a Lolita for a looong time. For years I’ve been thinking about starting a blog, but I would tell myself I didn’t have time or that I wouldn’t keep up with it. Now I’m here and determined to do my best!

Why “Pumpkin Princess”? Most of the time on the internet, I just go by Princess Jessie-Kate. A long time ago I used to follow and adore Princess Skye’s blog, the Princess Portal. Eventually this blog closed down and now it can only be found through the Wayback Machine, but at the time I was very inspired by this blog. I started referring to myself as a princess and have ever since. But why pumpkin, you ask? Well, just because I love pumpkins and always, always have. I was born around Thanksgiving and even when my birthday isn’t on Thanksgiving I would often ask for a pumpkin pie instead of a birthday cake! I get excited for pumpkin desserts every time fall is coming up and lament the fact that stores don’t stock canned pumpkin in other seasons. I love pumpkin! (But it’s also such a cute word, isn’t it?)

On this blog I plan to post pictures from Lolita events, reviews, the occasional Lolita discussion and possibly some tutorials! Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy what’s to come!

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