Happy Birthday to Me

A week ago was my birthday! (It was on Thanksgiving this year, actually) I had a birthday party and my good friends came and looked cute and brought me cute presents. For my birthday party I wore the outfit that I had originally planned for Saturday at Nekocon but ended up not wearing. We had lots of food (including macarons!) and earl grey tea from Discover Teas.

20151121_164110 20151121_164115

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Here are the lovely presents my friends got me!

20151121_211819 20151122_145659 20151122_145551 20151122_145310 20151122_143743 20151122_145902 20151123_130033

My mom got me some makeup from Too Faced, Heather got me macarons from Hummingbird Macarons, my little sister got me some Hello Kitty socks with aloe in them, Alycia got me three pairs of brand socks, and Krista got my nail glitter and lotion for applying in the corner of the eye. Krista also decorated a tiny, super cute layer cake for me! I loved it. I realy appreciate all of the lovely presents. ♡

I spent 6 hours of my actual birthday in the car, but I still had a good time. I wore a lazy Lolita outfit, (no petticoat and tennis shoes) and I got to pet lots of animals, which is probably my favorite thing to do! Here are all the cute friends I got to pet!

20151126_163008 20151126_162355 20151126_162100 20151126_161849 20151126_161744 20151126_161706 20151126_154351 20151126_154308

Thanks for reading! ♡

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