Function of Beauty Shampoo and Conditioner Review

Recently I purchased custom shampoo and conditioner from Function of Beauty. Function of Beauty makes personalized shampoo and conditioner with over 300 million possible combinations, all based on a quiz you take about your hair type and goals. Their products are sulfate, paraben and cruelty free. You also choose the color and fragrance of the finished project. You can get various sizes, but for 8 ounces each of shampoo and conditioner it costs $32.

You can visit their website here.

Ordering was very simple. The quiz had a good few questions to find the perfect formula, but one thing I thought I might have an issue with was not being able to select a “gentle” shampoo. I rarely use any hair products and so I prefer to use a gentle shampoo since there’s not much to wash out of my hair. I had been using Paul Mitchell’s “Shampoo One” and liked it.


The packaging looked nice, but seemed like an unnecessary amount of trash to me. I would have preferred something just a bit smaller / simpler. The products came with pumps (underneath the display) to fit the bottles and a pamphlet explaining the products.

Using the shampoo the first thing I noticed was a slightly “harsh” feel, as if it was a bit acidic or basic or going to dry out my skin or something. I might have been thinking too hard about it, but I did notice this later, too. It didn’t lather as much as I’m used to and didn’t seem to spread out over the top of my head well. I felt like I had to use at least three pumps.

I like a thick conditioner that makes it super easy for me to run my fingers through my hair, and this was not even close to that or to the texture I’m used to. It soaked right into my hair like water and then I could hardly notice it was there. I thought I rinsed my hair thoroughly, but it looked greasy after my shower. It was and continues to be difficult to tell if and when I’ve managed to rinse the conditioner out of my hair.

I used this shampoo and conditioner several more times to see if it would make any difference in my hair. It seemed to get greasy looking a little bit more quickly than before, and it was a bit more wavy. I didn’t notice any other changes. AND THEN…

One day the texture of the shampoo changed dramatically. It had a much thicker, creamier texture and lathered extremely well. After my shower my hair had lots of volume compared to before. (I had listed volume as a hair goal, so that’s a good thing.) I realized that the shampoo was not mixed well. Nothing with the shampoo had warned me that it needed to be mixed or shaken before using. I was annoyed, but hopeful that the shampoo and conditioner would start working better if I mixed them before each use. However, after mixing them the only difference was that the shampoo was somewhere in between the harsh shampoo I started with and the very volumizing shampoo I got by surprise.

(All I did was have it braided overnight! This is not normal for me! Fun though!)

Overall I’m not impressed with this product. Not only do I like what I was using before better, but what I was using before was also considerably cheaper. I might consider trying this again one day if they add an option to request a gentle shampoo, but I probably won’t be buying again. There are plenty of really positive reviews out there, so I wouldn’t discourage anyone who is interested from buying, but for me, it didn’t turn out so great. I’d rate it a 4/10.

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